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Work on these is usually slow. I've got 45+ of them, and so I've gota work on them constantly.

I'm in need of characters!
mainly for: Lunus Ortis and 53rd: First Contact.

The details are in one of my journals, but I'm stilling finishing up the details. :\

Random Favourites

Kudos to emperpep for making my day on 28/01/10! I worked through intense lag (computer is spare parts I swear) to wade through all the excellent art, and had FUN doing it!
Driven, once again, by music! Specifically, Kiryui - "Q", which is up there with ASURA- Simply Blue in terms of my top tracks!

Two new things, the former powered by music, and the latter probably the same, but I forget what track.

The first of them is the ARMS Suits. For the life of me I can't recall the proper expanded acronym, so I'll just placeholder it as something like "Armoured Reactor Mechanized Soldier" These tower over the CCRJ mechs which stand at most, twice human size (upwards of eight, nine feet, just a few feet taller than BioAndroids) at twenty-five feet, and look like sturdier, beefier Super Battle Droids from Star Wars, with a similar arced head dome. Completing the similarity is their use of internal arm cannons, though theirs are of the physical shell persuasion, and are far larger. Some models even feature one or both arms with segmented barrels, for the use of larger-bore weaponry, though this necessitates that the arms lock in place for firing, as the trigger mechanism is in the shoulder rather than as far back as the elbow joint. Here the similarity ends. While some models continue with wrist rockets, most have back to shoulder-mounted micro missile bays. As they are built to be mechanized infantry, the cockpit is up high, though the heat and upper chest are fairly heavily armoured. However, one minor weakness is that they do open from the front, although the 'head' can pull back enough for th pilot to escape from there if the frontal hinges are warped out of shape. All in all, a durable multirole mechanized infantry chassis that is fairly easy to produce yet offers extensive agility and good ranged stopping power.

Beyond this comes a weapon iconic to the ARMS Suits- the Fission Fist. Many pilots ride into battle with one or both fists enlarged, designed to house their own reactor. These fists carry with them extensive density and weight, and can be 'vented' to produce a short-range explosion and intense radiation burst, easily capable of demolishing armoured vehicles and buildings. And it's utility continues- the fists' overpressure can be safely vented slowly, and instead be fully vented for just the radiation burst, allowing it to function as a portable, directional neutron bomb, excellent for clearing out high-priority buildings or hard targets with minimal physical damage. In the prototype stages are ARMS Suits with modular weapon systems, sacrificing one arm's basic weapon capacity for a hot-droppable pod that can carry a variety of weapons, allowing ARMS Suits to be dropped into combat zones and swap out weaponry when needed.

One further new feature of the ARMS Suits is an internal swappable weapon mount, allowing it to carry two mid-sized weapons in one arm. This was originally prototyped for Red Eye's ARMS Suit, which has further been shifted to feature detachable arms, allowing it to make use of the modular weapon pods (it still needs its own, as it detaches either the entire arm or the forearm, so its pods also include the forearm or entire arm) as well as the twin internal weapons, usually a twin-barrel autocannon and a narrow-field high-intensity flame projector, one of only a few of its kind, capable of burning through steel with ease- so even if enemies figure that Red Eye is out of ammo and is down to just a flame projector and close in, they still wind up flat on their backs with a hole burned in their chest.)

Red Eye's ARMS Suit further differs in a few ways: it stands at about 32 feet tall, as well as it is adorned with a very heavy greatcoat- yet one that is functional. The greatcoat is made out of very dense weave, and is capable of blunting the impact force of incoming projectiles, allowing it in several areas to actually render solid-core penetrator weapons useless; on contact with the greatcoat's tails, they are forced downwards by the path of lease resistance, and the inability to immediately penetrate the thick weave forces the penetrator tip away from direct contact, and it simply rapidly slows down and falls to the ground harmlessly defeated. It is also heavily explosive-resistant, and not being made out of solid metals, offers shock padding to further blunt explosive attacks. Furthermore, the head retracts, but also disengages portions of the interior walls, to allow room for Red Eye's extended optical laser, as well as introduces an additional focus and catalyst rig, rendering it even more potent.

Moving up from these are the ARMS Behemoths, monsters averaging eighty feet tall. They are little more than upscaled ARMS Suits, although they pack far heavier weaponry, and limited AI suites. They also feature modular weapons, but do not need to remove their arm weapon to use them- they fit right in through the hand!

-Will add more later-
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  • Reading: Warhammer High: Venus' Burn
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Endless Space
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Iliya Kretchovski
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I go by many names, but Iliya Kretchovski isn’t my real one. It’s the name of a character in one of my many stories (only a few of which are on dA) and just one I feel like using! Lately I go by Bikko, however. As for my usual pen names (I prefer alias', because certain groups of friends know me by different names, especially on the 360, that I don't even react to my own name, whether deliberately spoken to me or to someone else in a game or chat room, anymore.)

I go by four well-used names:

1. Legion General, Second Class System Nanobot Persona R.A.G.E Mark VII First Generation Combat BioAndroid

Long, no? LGSC Snpr Mk.VII 1st Gen. CBA is the shorthand, but it usually goes even further down to just Snpr or Mk.VII. This is my main character in virtually every one of my stories, and has found himself changed time and time again, the 'biggest' being the reworking of the 'R.A.G.E' part of his name, as his original character sheet has since devolved into a huge smear of granite. (Never stack pencil-on-paper sheets where you will use the topmost sheet as a surface frequently. Not only does the pencil smear over time, but you spend a fortune in money -and time- in erasers removing as much as possible. And yet they STILL smear. I have a page I've cleaned up four time, the words now fairly faint, holding pencil from six years ago, and they STILL, again all odds, smear up. Baffling.) The best part of that name reworking? I did it in school and the dedication to finding one word on the tip of my tongue was such that my teacher belived it was for some project. R.A.G.E. now officially stands for 'Rage Agumented Generation Energy' It seriously took me 45 minutes to 'find' Agumented. Assisted just didn't cut it, and I knew there was a 'fancy word' that fit perfectly, I just couldn't for the life of me remember it.

Legion General, Second Class is his ranking on the Imperial BioAndronian Empire (redundant, but nessesary), but that's a different story for when your brain stops hurting. (I don't say that because I think anyone is stupid, I say that because I can ramble on for hours. I like to think the United Nations lists my name under 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'.)

2. Seven Mimasimika

Although it's been years, looking at this name I can remember that I made it while reading Black Cat (Didn't know how to pronounce 'Sven' at the time so I went with Seven and it stuck with me) and was so pissed off as the number of fansubs out there I wanted to learn Japanese very badly. I still do, but now that I'm long past the agree-with-friends-on-everything stage, I do like english dubs on some anime, and not just to piss some of my friends off more.

3. Excel Saga

Yes, I go by this name. It's actually the official pen name of one of my co-authors, but as he's a good eight years into the stupification process (which starts at age 25, when your brain suddenly decides it's a swell idea to start dying on you. At least it does it on a grand scale, loosing ~1 Million cells a day. But have no fear, you still produce more then enough brain cells to keep your brain from turning into molecular dust. For now, anyways.) At 33, he does have a lot of other stuff on his plate, (watch out ladies) and I did sort of take over his XBL account -even though at last count I have like 14 others. After a few years of use this name has grown on me like Snpr has on the PC- for all intents and purposes, my name is Saga. (Sometime people call me Excel, but most are lazy and/or realize that Saga is easier and faster to say.)

And number Four:

Ocean Seven

Once upon a time this was the name of the heir to Snpr's legacy, back in the day where I was toying with the idea of having Snpr die way back in the middle ages. That sort of fizzled out, but after a while I was thinking of some way to give his partner (then-named Seven, two years before I created Admiral Seven and the whole BioTerror 01 timeline) some decent backstory, and I recalled the dead story, and changed things around, kept the name, and let my ego take charge for once and quietly turned Ocean Seven into a replica of myself. The name originated after watching the Ocean's movies (Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Thirteen, etc) way too many times, and simply changing the number. (Names are a weakness for me, most of the character names are born from other sources, especially BioAndronian names, the three most prominant ones being FLKN (Ace Combat Zero's ADF-01 FALKEN), Rckt (Rocket) and of course, Snpr (contrary to belief, it didn't originate from the word Sniper per se, but rather originated from the SPR, or Special Purpose Rifle, a rifle I adored in America's Army 2.6 (Link-Up), an FPS I love simply because it was one of those rare realistic ones- andb ecause you actually had to pass basic training to play online, not to mention advanced training to use snipers properly and access the SF maps. (Despite loving it, I still think that the second stage of SF training is by far the most bullshit I've ever encountered in a game. Took me the equivlent of a week to finally get past all the guards. And I think in AA3 they changed it up. Oh god.)

Of course after joining dA three years ago IIRC (different account which I have since ceased to remember the password or username to/give a damn about) I do like to think the name was influenced by one of the few people I would even dare to fanboy over, oceantann. God. Damn. How. Much. I. Really. Need. To. Get. A. Job. Then I could get all the stuff I discover and still be able to really afford a heap of Oceanchan's stuff. (so far two loveable prints and like five or six keychains and pins, simply because I knew if I went there first I'd blow all my money and would die of regret halfway through the dealer's section at Anime North when I saw all the shit I could have gotten in addition to Ocean's stuff had I not spent everything at her booth. xD

First off... My writing style is the uninhibited, go crazy style- requiring that my editor be someone who can actual DEAL with the huge walls of text I spaw forth. Secondly, I specalize in Millitary, Aerospace, and battlefield Romance. Thirdly, I have yet to finish one of my 45+ WIP's. (I get too many good ideas and one-shot partial ideas to have too much time to devote to a single work.)

Onto some other info: I head two unofficial “companies”, SDD Comics and SDD Works. I also, in name only, head SDD Studios, although that was only created to make my combined front company, S3 Studios, make sense. (SDD Comics didn't fit with Saga Studios and ShadowStudios.)

SDD Comics deals with the bulk of my works, but SDD Works is for the stuff the fuzz would rather me not creating. (Aka all my 18+ stuff. Which is quite a lot, as many of my stories feature mainstay characters from my origonal story, One Man War, where there are two highly 'corrupt' characters- one who likes two lolies, and one who just has an instainable appetite for raep.)

And yes, I have an adult division despite the fact that I am 17. Such is life. (I mainly blame Saga, although I do admit it all started with an innocent google search for hentai- I had seen the word but had no idea what it was, and neither did my parents at the time. Good lord the chaos that followed in the wake swept me in. (I am law-abiding however- I don't search the interwebz like an idiot, thats what I have Panzer for, my stupid lackey.)

[The above will be two years (three since writing it) outdated considering I’ll be 20 on the 17th, but I still blame Saga~ Also on an interesting note, one of my friends I made on World of Tanks likes to link-bomb me with various images, mostly in the loli and Zettai Ryouki genres- now that I finally found out there is a term for the unconditional, unstoppable adoration for the sheer godliness that are kneesocks and thighighs! o3o Seriously people these things look amazing on people, don’t judge! *drool* ]

And because this is getting rather long (and I'm starting to loose the initial fire of the write) let me say these final words:

- Oceantan is my instant-happiness formula.
- Dutchy is too, probably even more o3o
- Goddamn why is finding a Dutch class so hard around here?!

Xbox Live Current Subscription: xXxExcelSagaxXx
Favourite genre of music: World Ambient (ASURA) and its close sister, Orchestral
MP3 player of choice: PSP-1000, aw yiss~
Wallpaper of choice: If it’s from Nichijou, I want it.
Favourite cartoon character: Bikko (I really love her, y’know? One leg, one eye, but keeps on truckin’. What an awesome lass!)

Personal Quotes:
“If there is no life out there, that's an awful waste of space.”
– Contact

"I am the hammer. I am the point of His spear. I am the bane of His foes. I am the sword in His hand. I am the gauntlet about His fist. And the woes of the treacherous. I am the End."
- Motto of the Inquisition (40k)

"Innocence proves nothing."
- Inquisitorial Motto (40k)

"My Armour is Contempt. My Shield is Disgust. My Sword is Hatred. In the Emperor's Name, Let None Survive"
- Code of the Blood Ravens (40k)

Some [De]motivators:

"Warhammer 40,000: War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength."
- Actually from Nineteen-Eighty-Four

"Sacrifice: With hard work, determination, and a willingness to pay the ultimate price for what you believe in, you may momentarily inconvenience someone of plot significance"

"Intimidation: Doing weird things to an enemy corpse gives a +4 bonus"
- Image from Die Hard of the guard with "Now I have a machinegun" scrawled on his shirt

"Evil Overlord Tip #1: My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones."
- Image of a Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars (You know this is so true)

"Evil Overlord Tip #40: I will be neither chivalrous nor sporting. If I have an unstoppable superweapon, I will use it as early and as often as possible instead of keeping it in reserve."
- Image of the Death Star (Again, too true...)

And of course, some obligatory Warhammer 40,000 stuff, specifically Salamanders:

"Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!"
- Battle Cry of the Salamanders

And because the Salamanders are often depicted (in amusing but really racist ways) as being the only black people in the Imperium, something from 1d4chan:

"I'm tired of these motherfucking Genestealers on this motherfucking Space Hulk!"
- Image of a Salamander Tactical Marine with a Meltagun and, if you can't get the connection, Samuel L. Jackson's head pasted overtop the Marine's helmet. (This is quite lulzy)

And one final one, probably one of the best quotes I've ever heard in a game:

"We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge. In fealty to the God-Emperor (our undying Lord) and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the Imperial World of Typhon Primaris. I hereby sign the death warrant of an entire world and consign a million souls to oblivion. May Imperial Justice account in all balance. The Emperor Protects.
- Dawn of War 2: Retribution, Exterminatus Scene

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